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Barbacane Thornton & Company has expertise in Charter Schools and School District audits. 

The firm is well aware of the issues that management and boards must address in accounting, budget control, internal controls and reporting that are unique to public schools.

Charter Schools & School District Audit Services:

  • Annual independent audit in accordance with government auditing standards 
  • Uniform guidance audit (single audit) for compliance 
  • Plancon J audits 
  • Internal control review and reporting 
  • AFR completion 
  • Consulting on technical areas and implementation of accounting standards 

School Entities That We Serve:

  • Pennsylvania School Districts
  • Charter Schools
  • Daycare Centers

Benefits of a School or School District Audit:

An Audit is an opportunity to demonstrate fiscal responsibility and financial transparency. Millions of dollars are spent annually across the Country to support the education of our children. Those funds are generated from Federal, State and local governments, and taxpayers. It is imperative for schools to be able to account for the use of all resources and to demonstrate proper accountability and stewardship over the resources generated to fund their operations. Audits provide an independent report on how well schools are managing their resources and help to ensure that proper controls exist to ensure that the legal and other constraints placed on the proper use of funding is managed.

An audit is legally required by:

  • State Departments of Education
  • Federal Audit Clearinghouse 
  • EMMA for continuing disclosure
  • School Code

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